How a cab ride turned into a business lesson

So there I was, sitting in a cab in Austin, Texas. Just hours before I was on a roof terrace at a tech event, where Cole Worley gave me a quick demo of Square – the amazing payment systems for iPhones that turns your iPhone into a a device that allows you to accept credit card payments. I was fascinated by how smooth the payment process with the Square app was.

So there I was, in the back of the car, playing around on my iPad. I had no more cash in my pocket so I asked the driver if he accepted credit cards. Continue reading

Amazon’s Cloud Drive is the A&R of the future

Info: A&Rs are the music industry’s trend scouts who discover new talent. They’re usually employed by record labels. A&R stands for Artists and Repertoire.

Amazon recently released a free web storage called Cloud Drive. It gives you 5GB of storage to upload your media files online and is based on their Web Services Storage called S3, which is already widely used in cloud computing.

So why do they offer that? Continue reading

The Munich StartupDigest

There’s a great new resource for startups in Munich / Bavaria.

Munich StartupDigest is a curated weekly newsletter of the best startup events in town. It contains events like conferences, meetups, hackathons or anything else your web or mobile startup may need. The Startup Digest is a worldwide event newsletter which more than 250.000 entrepreneurs subscribe to in cities like San Francisco, Tokio, New York, Berlin, and now … Continue reading

Munich Photo Meetup


This is a blogpost about a now discontinued project.

mesomo_logoIt’s been nearly a year since I created the social website mesomo that allows people to submit photos from Munich. The user’s most favorite photo then becomes the photo of the day and is sent to more than five thousand subscribers on twitter, facebook and by e-mail. After the initial launch, I added some other cities which saw some great submissions. But Munich has remained the most active city, with lots of people submitting great photos on a regular basis.

So after it was suggested once again I thought I’d take the chance to organize a meet up for people to get to know each other, share knowledge about photography and have some drinks and chat.

Here’s my suggestion: Continue reading

I love Munich – the widget

This is a blogpost about a now discontinued project.

muc7/mesomo was born 100 days ago. For the occasion of the 100th photo I wanted to finally take the time to create a much requested feature. Lots of people had asked for a way to integrate the photo into their homepage. So today muc7 is launching a widget that allows you to put the daily picture on your homepage. It’s just one line of HTML that you can put on your blog or homepage. It will display the current daily picture of Munich to your homepage visitors.

So here it is: Continue reading

The iPad & iPhone in the Enterprise

With the presentation of the iPad there has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of a closed system. But once you look at it from the perspective of an Enterprise, the iPad, iPhone and iPod Operating System (iOS) is a robust, secure and trusted platform. While these attributes may be good for consumers, they are very important, if not mandatory to protect businesses from the following threats: Continue reading

The Next Generation Twitter Client

Having some experience with the twitter API as a developer I know that as easy as it might sound to create a twitter client, there are quite a few things that make it quite a lengthy task. API limits, api downtimes and even wrong or inconsistent results can make developing a twitter client more time consuming than expected. It shifts attention to issues you have not considered before. It often takes away resources from usability engineering and the design process in general. But these steps are critical for creating something successful. Successes like the ones of  Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop are seldom. Continue reading